No babies for Joe! :D I was dancing all day!

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Don’t limit yourself. Watch this video.


Sometimes I close my eyes and the music takes me away. It lifts from here to now.

Music Rhye 


Infatuation. Inspiration. Admiration.

I need a drink.


One of my roommates teaches swing dancing. She’s amazingly good. Her last name is Pye, and her favorite song to swing to is “I like Pie, I like Cake.” It’s really cute (not in a I want to fuck her cute, but in an aww my god that is awesomely adorable cute.) 

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I’ve cried to this song before. It reminds me of the nice girls I’ve dated, specifically Samantha. She treated me well. She was cute and it was great, but I couldn’t be with her. I knew it wouldn’t work out. I told her this, and she still gave herself to me. It’s weird, in high school I was crippled with fear of rejection and the possible heartache if, god forbid, a girl reciprocated feelings. That me would’ve have died to have a chance at any of the girls I’ve dated lately. That me would’ve killed for just a chance at any of those girls, and now I can’t even be happy with one of them.


I can see in your eyes that you mean it.
I can feel in your heart that it’s true.
And though I just heard myself say it,
Baby, I’m lying to you.
Baby, I’m lying to you.

And all of these years you’ve been lonely,
knowing not what you should do.
I know you are right, I’ve been looking as well.
Babe, I’m not looking for you.
Babe I’m not looking for you.

I’m just as damn disappointed as you,
only I just do better to hide it.
One thing that keeps me from falling for you,
… is I’m truly alone and I like it.
Yeah, I’m truly alone and I like it.

As we lie in bed I feel lonely,
though young, I feel eighty years old.
Your arms around me, keeping me warm.
Baby, I’m still feeling cold.
Baby, I’m still feeling cold.

Girl you must know you are lovely,
you’re kind and you’re beautiful too.
I feel in some way I do love you…
Babe, I’m not in love with you.
Babe I’m not in love with you.

And it may seem strange that I still stay with you,
if it’s true you’re not really the one.
And while I really just keep looking for her,
cause one I found it and now she is gone.
I found it, and now she is gone.
I found it and now she is gone.

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